From Best Selling Author Tommy Tenney, Comes...

"The Ultimate Comeback"
How to turn a Bad Night into a Good Day

Have you ever had a bad day? A bad week? Perhaps a bad month? Or, heaven help us, a bad year? Life can often be overwhelming and leave you feeling defeated. Breathing hope back into your shattered dreams and restoring your destiny, Tommy Tenney will chart the path of possibilities for you to make . . .

Inside you'll discover:

*How to Come Back When You Feel Stripped, Bare, and Dry: Is There a Way Back?

*God Does His Best Work in Secret: How To Turn A Bad Night Into a Good Day

*The Ultimate Comeback: "He's Back!"

*I'm Going Back: Facing the Risk of Rejection

*How To Be Run Over By Good News!: Somebody's Coming Back - Make Sure It's You

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- No matter where you are in your life... The Ultimate Comeback is a must read. The life of a dream is no different than the life of a Christian. A dream is born, it grows, it matures, but ultimately it must die, be buried, and return to its creator before it can truly realize its full glory and potential. I read The Ultimate Comeback during a time in my life when my dream was in the stages of death, burial, and submission to God. I took great comfort in knowing that when I submit my dream to God, when I truly let it go and return it to my creator, it will bloom forth like a flower in the desert. If you have a dream, but it seems that your dream cannot be fully realized -- if you are frustrated or discouraged and feel that your dream is withering -- you must read The Ultimate Comeback . You will discover by studying the pages of this book, the spiritual formula for the realization of your dream. Jesus said, “unless a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone -- but if it dies and is buried, it will bring forth much fruit.” Give your dream to God. Return your dream to its source. Let it die and be buried in the rich soil of God's fertile field. You will find that by giving your dream to God, it will exceed your wildest dreams. Whatever preconceptions you have about your dream, give them to God. Whatever hopes and ambitions you have for your dream, give them to God. Whatever selfish attachments and aspirations you have for your dream, give them to God. You will discover that your dream cannot flourish by your will or by your efforts. But in the hands of Almighty God, your dream will grow into a mighty and powerful force, greater than you could have ever thought or imagined, and you will personally experience The Ultimate Comeback .
Sharon Roam, Founding Pastor, Christ Life Church, Tempe, Arizona

-“The Ultimate Comeback” is well-written, articulate, and encouraging! Once again, in your inimitable way, you have written from the heart to the heart. Any one who needs a fresh perspective is sure to come away with renewed hope and faith in the mercy and grace of God.
Janice Sjostrand, National Recording Artist/Solo Vocalist

-Your new book, The Ultimate Comeback: How to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Night is right on time! Despair, discouragement and hopelessness mark the lives of many believers who have been hammered by the enemy. Here is hope for us all! We can comeback!
 For me personally it has been a tough year. My mother nearly died from heart surgery, I went blind in my right eye for a detached retina, our church has struggled through change and transition into a new wineskin and a new building; financial challenges have been difficult.
 Your book picked me up and help bring me through! Mother is healed, my eye is healing, and the church has begun to advance. May God use this new book and its message as a mighty weapon to bring many back to the Lord and abundant life.
Dr. Ron Phillips, Abba's House at Central Baptist Church -Hixson, TN

You have once again succeeded in capturing provocative truths out of the Word that is so many times overlooked by many. You have given the story behind the story and powerfully showed the value of a loving, caring, and forgiving heavenly Father. No matter what the circumstances, there can be an Ultimate Comeback for everyone. This is definitely a must read for all believers, including ministers. This book has the potential of rescuing thousands of hurting, bleeding, discouraged people who are under the impression that life is over for them.
God bless, and congratulations on another GREAT one!
Thank you very kindly for sending me a free copy of the book and allowing me to read it all ahead of time! What a blessing.
Your friend, John